Will Banks still exist in 20 years?

Entering the race of innovation and disruptive technologies

FinTech, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies… Each of these new-age technologies claim to disrupt the traditional way of banking. Some futurists claim that we are only a few years away from completely disintermediating banks.

Banks are dedicating increasing resources to entertain digitization and innovation teams, in order to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. Critics say that it’s just a lot of talk and little action. How much is really happening behind the scenes of banks who have entered the race of innovation and disruptive technologies? Will they be able to win this race, or will they have disappeared in 20 years?

We had the pleasure to welcome Cat Rüst, Head of Innovation Greater China at UBS, as our speaker to share with us how one of the world’s largest banks navigates through the fast-changing world of technological advancement.

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