Asian Financial Forum 2020

The Asia Co-Investors Club was invited to the prestigious Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2020, where former Chair of the Federal Reserve Dr. Janet Yellen was a keynote speaker.

Global Market Outlook 2020

2019 has been an eventful year, marked by twists and turns in geopolitics and financial markets. Uncertainties loom with the US-China trade talks reaching new intensity levels, the Brexit deal or no-deal dragging on, and a black swan-event hitting Hong Kong. What are the likely scenarios for implications on the world economy and financial markets, and where should investors bet their money on?

We hosted a panel discussion of distinguished speakers of investment experts including  Hartmut Issel, APAC Head Equity at the Chief Investment Office WM at UBS; Jack Siu, Director & Senior Investment Strategist for Asia Pacific at Credit Suisse; Jean-Louis Nakamura, CEO HK & CIO Asia Pacific at Lombard Odier, to share their insights of what lies ahead as we enter the new decade.

The Rise of the Family Office: A New Global Force?

A recent cover in “The Economist” depicted family offices as a new force in global finance, whose leaders cut out middlemen by running their own investment firms. Is this a new trend which the financial world should
brace itself for, or just hype?

We were pleased to hear the perspective of Nicolas Fu, whose grandfather Y.C. Fu established KHI Holdings in 1947, one of Hong Kong’s first family offices. As the CIO, Nicolas oversees all investment activities of the Group and shared with us his insights into how a Hong Kong family office navigates the global investment landscape and his perspective on changing trends in family office wealth management.

Investment with a Purpose

An Entrepreneurial Journey to Impact Investment

Catherine Chen founded AvantFaire Holding and Impactlytics with strong presence in Hong Kong and Canada focusing on impact investment management and analytics. She talked to us about her intention and journey from operating her family office to establishing her impact investment company. Catherine shared where she stands now in this transition and how she materializes her intention of investing with a purpose through the creation of an impact investment fund of funds.

Innovation Series: The Future of Consumers

A KPMG report has revealed that Chinese consumers are far ahead of the global average when it comes to interest in new technology.

We were delighted to have Anson Bailey, KPMG China’s Head of Consumer and Retail, ASPAC and Head of Technology, Hong Kong, to host a panel discussion of distinguished speakers including K-Style Labs, Retail in Asia and On the List to share their insights into dealing with those future consumers and the latest hot consumer trends.

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Can the increase of land supply alone make Hong Kong housing less expensive?

Hong Kong housing has consistently been ranked the least affordable in the world. This affects individuals as much as businesses in the Special Administrative Region. The common explanation given is the shortage of land for development. But can an increase in land supply alone resolve the problem?

We were pleased to welcome Mr. Donald Choi, CEO of Chinachem Group, one of Hong Kong’s leading property developers, and the former Architect of the Hong Kong International Airport Passenger Terminal, as our speaker. He shared with us what other factors apart from limited land supply could affect Hong Kong’s housing prices. Mr. Choi also addressed the question of what will happen to the Hong Kong real estate market with more land supply.

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CFA Annual Conference 2019 in London

The 72nd CFA Annual Conference took place in London under the theme "Disruption: The New Reality in Investment Management".


Will the Greater Bay Area (GBA) threaten Hong Kong's special status?

The inauguration of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZM) in October 2018 marked the beginning of China’s ambitious project to a mammoth urban cluster comprising 11 cities. The GBA will become by far the world’s biggest integrated “bay area” by population and size, surpassing rivals such as Tokyo and San Francisco. Such a gigantic undertaking raises questions about the role of Hong Kong and its special status within the conglomerate.

Christopher Hui, Director of Strategic Development at New World Development, one of Hong Kong’s leading companies, is faced with strategic decisions to develop the group’s business within the GBA on a daily basis. He shared with us what the GBA means for businesses in Hong Kong, and his view on Hong Kong’s special status in the

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Luncheon on business & education

Danny L. Lee, Partner of Blue Pool Capital (Alibaba Co-founder Joseph Tsai's family office) delivered a witty and insightful speech to us about how fast-changing technology and business needs create challenges for the education industry. A warm thank you to Danny and the highly engaged audience - we regret we didn't have more time for Q&A!

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Asian Financial Forum 2019

Members of the Asia Co-Investors Club were invited to the Asian Financial Forum 2019. 

Lynn Raebsamen, CFA, presented in the healthcare project presentation session.

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Will Banks still exist in 20 years?

Entering the race of innovation and disruptive technologies

FinTech, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrencies… Each of these new-age technologies claim to disrupt the traditional way of banking. Some futurists claim that we are only a few years away from completely disintermediating banks.

Banks are dedicating increasing resources to entertain digitization and innovation teams, in order to stay at the forefront of technological advancement. Critics say that it’s just a lot of talk and little action. How much is really happening behind the scenes of banks who have entered the race of innovation and disruptive technologies? Will they be able to win this race, or will they have disappeared in 20 years?

We had the pleasure to welcome Cat Rüst, Head of Innovation Greater China at UBS, as our speaker to share with us how one of the world’s largest banks navigates through the fast-changing world of technological advancement.

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DETECTED - Cyrcadia Lunch Presentation

Imagine a world where AI detects breast cancer through a bra. That world is just a few months away.

Mammograms can miss the presence of cancer in up to 50% of the scans, especially for women with dense breast tissue, which is the case for more than 60% of Asian women. The revolutionary iTbra, worn for just 2 hours once a month, uses AI to interpret metabolic changes and increases chances of early cancer detection to more than 85%.

Rob Royea, CEO of Cyrcadia Asia, shared his journey with us on 8th October, from the initial idea to the launch of a path-breaking device that has the potential to save millions of lives.

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GLG Investors Lunch with TouchCast

Edo Segal, Co-Founder and CEO of TouchCast, spoke at the GLG Investors Lunch on 25th May in the prestigious GLG venue in St. George's Building in Central, Hong Kong. Check out the gallery.

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CAIA @KPMG Education and Networking Lunch

Dirk Sebald, Co-Founder and CEO of Deon Digital AG, and Will Andrich, Co-Founder and CEO of Thaler.One, spoke at the CAIA Education and Networking Lunch on 25th May in the prestigious KPMG venue in Princes Building in Central, Hong Kong. Check out the gallery.

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UBS Industry Tech Event

Dirk Sebald, Co-Founder and CEO of Deon Digital AG, and Will Andrich, Co-Founder and CEO of Thaler.One, alongside with Dave Chapman, Chairman of ANX, spoke at the large-scale UBS Industry Tech Event on 24th May in the prestigious UBS venue in the IFC in Central, Hong Kong. Check out the gallery.

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CFA Annual Conference 2018 in Hong Kong

Lynn Raebsamen, CFA, spoke at the CFA Annual Conference about cross-border investment opportunities with China, and Will Andrich, Co-Founder and CEO of Thaler.One, about how to use blockchain technology to build a marketplace for real estate assets.

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Golf & Wine Event

We welcomed our premium members, golfers and non-golfers, to enjoy a networking evening with fellow investment professionals at our Golf & Wine Event in early May 2018.

Throughout the evening we had savory fine wines and snacks, some fun competitions for both established golfers & beginners, as well as the chance to experience mini instruction from PGA Professionals. But most importantly, a relaxed environment to network and explore common business opportunities. Check out the photo gallery. 

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Invest in the Blockchain Revolution

We ran a series of blockchain related events in March 2018. Check out the photo gallery.

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Family Office Roundtables

With the support of Swiss Bank of Geneva and Swiss Vanquest, we ran two roundtables with distinguished family office executives on the topic: Invest in Switzerland - From Tradition to Innovation.

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